Please note that some most of the sites listed on the page are outdated (last checked 2009).



Alpha has released 4 DVDs and one Boxset (under it's BlueOne label) so far. Each of the four single DVDs contain 3 movies. Check out the descriptions on this website for more details on the DVDs. Unfortunately most of the movies are heavily cut (usually to make the whole disc run at about 3 hours). The boxset (3-discs) is the New Wave Hookers 1-5 set. All Alpha DVDs are PAL only. As of late summer 2008 the Alpha DVDs seem to be in print.

The discs are widely available from french XXX DVD stores, e.g.



Colmax has released 2 DVDs (Deep Inside Traci + Suzie Superstar II) and a sampler so far. The Colmax discs are much harder to find than the french Alpha releases. All Colmax DVDs are PAL only. As of late summer 2008 the Colmax DVDs seem to be out of print.

Stores which currently carry one or both Colmax discs include:



By french bootleg DVDs I refer to the dozen dubious discs released a few years back. It's questionable that these discs have been released for the french market at all, more likely for the other european countries which offer these as "imports". All these DVDs are PAL only. The versions of the DVDs shown on the previous pages are out of print, but the discs have been re-released over and over (as boxsets), so they are available at least in some form, but possibly with new covers.

One store which carries those discs regularly at the moment, it's the infamous AAHS
(famous for selling extremely low-quality Traci VHS copies)

Most of these discs can be found quite cheap on german adult auction sites (all of them require a registration. At least Filmundo accepts foreign registrations. XHammer should probably as well. XJuggler doesn't.)



German Traci Lords DVDs are available from Herzog (Suzie Superstar II), Ribu (Grafenberg Spot, Open Up Tracy and Ladies in Lace) and from Tabu (Black Throat, New Wave Hookers, Talk Dirty to Me III, Kinky Business, Its my Body and Sister Dearest).
The BU (Beate Uhse) DVD of Sister Dearest has been discontinued. All german DVDs are PAL only. The Ribu discs are officially out-of-print, but can still be found around....

Due to the ridiculous sharp laws in Germany, you'll hardly find any german mailorder stores to carry those DVDs. In Germany you're required to visit ugly sex shops to buy those DVDs.

A few stores in other european countries to carry those discs include

If you have the possibilty you should buy from the german auction sites. They offer the best prices and the best availability. Herzog's Suzie Superstar II will cost you about EUR 15 instead of the suggested EUR 30 retail if bought there. Refer the other "more french DVD" section for links to the most common german auction sites. For mailorder Orgazmik is highly recommended.



The only US Traci Lords DVD "Traci I Love You" is out-of-print at the moment, so you won't have any luck shopping at the usual adult DVD malls. The disc can easily be found in the mature section of though. Prices seem to vary a lot, from US$30 to US$100 I've seen it all... The disc is NTSC of course. You need an adult-verification (creditcard) in order to enter eBay's mature section. It's also not possible from all countries (North Korea and Germany come to mind...)

If you have been in the Traci scene for time you'll find private offers from the US or Canada as well. I won't name any contacts here, but DVDs available from Glenn or Shelly aren't worth the money for the discs. The quality is so ridiculously poor, that the discs are hardly watchable. Every VHS copy easily beats their offers. Avoid.



Grindporn DVDs are available online directly via mailorder.The discs are available for shipping worldwide (Europe, USA, Asia incl. Japan, etc.). Prices are very competitive. Movies are available in 2-disc sets with always 2 movies paired up... Prices are 20 Euro per 2-disc set (plus shipping) with a minimum order of 3 DVD Sets. A bargain compared with Alpha's DVD prices and the quality you get. All DVDs are available in NTSC and a good selection is available in PAL. German language versions are available on request.

To buy any Grindporn DVDs, email to
grindpxxn (at) Leave the xx as they are.

The "Holy Grail" for Traci Lords Fans - 20th and 25th Anniversary collections:

In late 2006 Grindporn released a wonderful "20th Anniversary Traci Lords Memorial Box" with more than 70 DVDs and lots of exclusive extras. The boxset was limited to 99 pcs. worldwide. Just jump forward one page and you'll find a little feature on the boxset. As of early 2010 the sets are completely sold out. In 2011 another boxset was released (with the movies on a USB hard disk drive). You'll find details and picture by jumping forward two pages. After that a new version of the DVD boxset was released, called the Nora K. Gesamtedition / Anthology. Again you can find pictures and details by jumping forward a few pages. The Nora K. set is still available. (To avoid massive spam, you need to copy & paste the email adresses to your mail program. The websites are clickable though.)

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