The first part of the website gives an overview of available Traci Lords DVDs in Europe. I've splitted the titles into three blocks (Adentures of Tracy Dick to Ladies in Lace, Love Bites to Suzie Superstar II and Swedish Erotica to Yound & Restless II). The quality of each disc is rated with one to five stars and the flags next to the titles show the language of the actual discs.








In the second part I've compiled a few shops across Europe which sell Traci DVDs (as of mid 2008). Most of the links are likely really outdated by now. I haven't checked most of them in several months or years (sorry about that), so not every shop linked might carry what you're looking for. Follow the link below to see the list of shops. I've used all the shops listed below by myself though, so I can recommend every single one of them.




In the third part of the guide I've put some pictures of the three Traci Lords Anniversary boxsets released by Grindporn over the past decade. The two older sets are long sold out by now, but the Anthology boxset should still be available.